Hardywood Pilot Brewery & Taproom

A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I went to Hardywood to celebrate the release of the Gingerbread Stout (my husband’s favorite). I am not a beer girl, but was pleasantly surprised by Hardywood! The beer was pretty good, and the atmosphere was top notch!

Atmosphere: 4/5

The mood is really chill. It’s a semi-quiet taproom, so a great place to go have a chat with your mates, but no dancing on tables, or any such nonsense here! (Singing might be acceptable, however) Music was good, seating area was fabulous, they had games you could play, and the bartenders were playing hangman on napkins with people. Can it get any better?

Dress code: Casual

Staff: 5/5 

I had never been to Hardywood before this, and one of the beers I chose in my flight, I ended up being repulsed by. The super awesome bartender was understanding and let me replace it free of charge! They are also really friendly and help guide your beer choices to cater to your tastes. (Very important for first-timers, such as myself!)

Flight price: $12 

Growler prices: $20

Brews: I got the three flagships (Singel, Vipa, and Pils) and the seasonal favorite, the Gingerbread Stout. (GBS)

Out of the three flagships, my favorite was the Singel, least favorite was the Vipa. The Singel was a light beer, that, to me at least, felt smooth going down, and had a nice finish to it. The other two flagships seemed average at best, but Hardywood really shines when it comes to its darker beers and seasonal options. (Rasberry Stout. Everyone go have some. OMG!)  Let me start this by saying: I do NOT drink dark beers. Ever. I DO, however, drink the GBS! I thought I would hate it, but it was fantastic! It was rich and flavorful without being overly sweet or gimmicky.

***Pregnant women! They have non-alcoholic drinks too! YAY! 

Overall, it was a good time. It was relaxing, and I felt like I could have probably gone up to the bartenders and asked an array of stupid questions and would not have been judged for being a beer virgin. This is my husband’s favorite brewery, so he’ll vouch for it every time! Go check them out! They have a great location right on Main St. in Charlottesville!

Website: Hardywood

Address: 1000 W Main St a, Charlottesville, VA 22903


Author: Tori Wilson

I’m 26 years old, I’m half Dominican, and I’m from Paterson, New Jersey. I however currently call Charlottesville, Virginia my home! I have a cat named Fiyero, a dog named Watson, and I am married to my wonderful husband, Davey. I LOVE wine, food, friends and the color periwinkle.

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